Take control of your parcel shipping process
That's what we deliver

As a shipper, you have full control inside your own warehouse, but as soon as a parcel leaves your controlled environment, overview and control are lost. Tracey’s software puts you back in control and lets you automate your parcel logistic processes.

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Do you experience

No Overview

Do you know which of your customers will be having issues with their parcel delivery today?

Reactive Communication

Are you constantly receiving issues you can't solve instead of making others aware?

Lack of Control

Are you at any time aware of the exact performance of your carriers to your customers?


Realtime shipment visibility

One complete overview of the shipment status of all your parcels at different carriers, from order to delivery

All carrier shipments centralized

Realtime warnings

Predicted issues and delivery times

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Eliminate repetitive tasks

Automate your customer service workflow by pro-actively handling your tickets without human interference

Set e-mail triggers

Post-check out communication in your company identity

Machine-generated tasks for customer service

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Business Intelligence
for parcel logistics

Use our plug and play data models to evaluate and enhance your shipping performance

Tailor-made for parcel logistics incorporating 50+ parameters

Integrate BI visuals in your own system

Start in 5 minutes, no consultants needed

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Easy integrations with 30+ carriers and platforms

Connect Tracey with your system and fuel it with advanced carrier analytics.

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Discover our key benefits

Easy to use

Customize your solution with our flexible components


Integrate in your own system or make use of Tracey's portal


No implementation costs, pay per parcel

Reduce the overhead cost of shipping parcels with 18%

E-fulfilment centers

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Distribution centers

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