Take control of your parcel shipping process with our
advanced data analytics

Tracey monitor process flow

As a shipper, it is very complicated to have an overview of your multi-carrier (international) parcel shipments because each warehouse, carrier, and country use different systems, rules, and terminology. We give you the tools to manage this!

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Tracey monitor process flow

Do you experience

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Too Little,
Too Late

Only once an issue has occurred, your customer service is informed and damage control is the only option

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Poor Communication

Lack of information leads to frustrated (end) customers which directly impacts your NPS score or repeat purchases

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Information Asymmetry

Carrier selection is based on a cost price per parcel, and performance is only measured by your own data supplied by carriers

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Business Intelligence for parcel logistics

Do you know how your per carrier delivery performance was over the past period? We do!

Tailored reporting for actual insight into your carriers’ performance

Benchmarking to compare carrier performance

Identify bottlenecks to optimize your shipping processes

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Parcel Now

Real-time shipment visibility

Always in control of all the shipments that are still in transit

Exception based working to focus on what is relevant and important

All-in-one portal with all the right info in the right place

Real-time communication triggers Improve NPS with less effort

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Predicted issues and delivery times

Outperform competitors by delivering the extra service that customers do not expect!

Delivery prediction to manage and improve customer expectations

Predict exceptions to reduce WISMO calls

Carrier selector for the optimal choice of carrier

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Connect your system to our Parcel Engine and fuel it with advanced data analytics. Improved data quality without own development or maintenance required.

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Easy integrations with 40+ carriers and platforms

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Discover our key benefits

Save time and effort for customer service

Improve customer experience and reduce inbound requests

Enhance shipping performance

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