Sander Hak
May 5, 2022

Integration with Picqer e-fulfilment software

Advanced shipment tracking and analytics now available for Picqer customers

With the finalized integration between Tracey and Picqer and Picqer e-fulfilment it is now possible to get easy acces to realtime monitoring of shipped parcels, carrier performance evaluation and AI-driven predictions for shipments and parcel carriers throughout Europe and the world.

Extending the span of control to include the delivery process

A key part for most parcel shippers is to extend their span of control beyond their warehouse where everything is fully in their own control and can be traced. However, at the moment when a parcel leaves the warehosue and is given into the hands of a parcel carrier this control in most cases is lost. Altough some e-fulfilment servicproviders and shippers have made tailor software to increase the visibility we encounter a high degree of maintenance and updating costs as developing parcel tracking and analytics software is not the core business of these companies.

With Tracey these companies now get a standardized way to asses the performance of different carriers and track issues in near-realtime upon which predictions are added to go even beyond parcel carrier events.

Optimizing the parcel shipment process

The optimization of the shipment process starts with determining what is the most important factor for you and your customers. Hence, an evaluation is made to have the focus on fastest transit times, least number of exceptions or costs. The business intelligence visuals of Tracey help Picqer customers to select the best carrier per country on the basis of what is important to them. Even better, if the shipper does not have the data for certain carriers themselves, Tracey offers benchmarking data to evaluate the carrier selection.

E-commerce customer service automation

With the integration of customer service tooling and Tracey e-fulfilment serviceproviders and e-commerce parcel shippers have the ability to automate certain processes regarding shipment exceptions and the communication process towards customers and carriers. Mentioned earlier is the integration with Zendesk customer service, but also integrations with Trengo and Freshdesk are availble.

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