Bart Michiels
June 30, 2021

Making parcel delivery visible

Ever wondered what happens to your parcels when it leaves the warehouse?

Last year we started our collaboration with COMPUTD via the 'LimburgLogistiek' project of LIOF. Together with them we worked amongst others on visualizing the parcel delivery process. Interpreting large heaps of data is a challenge, thats why we've designed and created a process map of all the data we gather. This resulted in a tool which gives insight in our data and simultaneously allows us to pinpoint flaws in our model and correct them accordingly.

Bart: "Having a lot of data is one thing, but visualizing it really helps to improve our data models on the one hand, but on the other it allows people to understand how the parcel delivery process works.”
Marcell: “Process mapping is a very powerful way of organizing data, especially when the data comes from multiple systems, as it is the case with parcel logistics data.”